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About Hannah

12814252_10153427425006099_354519442903385107_nPINIMAGEI could start off by saying the same old story… I held my first camera when I was 13 and immediately fell in love.. blah blah blah. We’ve all heard that before. But seriously. It’s true. At 25, I’m finally realizing what I truly love to photograph. Yes seniors are fun and families are entertaining, but there’s nothing like boudoir. The look on a woman’s face when you show her the back of the camera during her session… Helping her come out of her shell and helping her see she IS beautiful. She IS sexy. The way the session starts and she’s more reserved, and by the end… her confidence is through the roof and she’s rocking everything she tries. I love that. Now that’s not to say I’ve completely mastered being confident and sexy in my own skin, because I definitely haven’t. But with each boudoir session it helps me a little more… We all share the same struggles and if I can help a fellow woman feel confident and sexy and empowered, then I think I’m doing what I’m meant to do. Because I believe every woman has it in her, deep down, somewhere. And it’s my goal it let it out.